TOOBEEZ (2-bees) n. The funny name for a fun and educational toy!  

What are Toobeez? 
TUBES that connect EASILY with each other!  The same way you and your group will connect easily and productively.

A fun and innovative way to connect with your group.  You've come to the right place!

It's the ultimate giant construction building system that inspires, mobilizes and connects your group with each other. 

Children, teens, adults and seniors love connecting with Toobeez!  They're like giant Tinker Toys with fun, stimulating activities!

Recreational Therapy / Seniors
Occupational Therapy / Kids

Teambuilding Fun Book Here

All Our Activities Were Designed with:
Brain Based Research, Multiple Intelligence Theories
Differentiated Instructions, Problem Solving, Character Education Focused, Teambuilding and Connecting with Others.

Toy Market Introduction
Education Market Introduction
Teambuilding & Training Introduction

Health & Therapy Introduction


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