Project Connect: Family

We're all traveling at the “speed of life,” aren't we?  Most families don't even share meals  anymore, much less do
FUN things together!  Toobeez to the rescue!

This hands-on construction toy consists of tubes that easily connect with each other (a perfect metaphor for what's needed in so many families, don't you think?).  We invite you to join families all over the country who are discovering the power of Toobeez to reconnect their family.  

Along with Tom Heck, Toobeez has developed Toobeez Teambuilding Activity Workbook and a multimedia CD to help you plan your Toobeez time.  The workbook has detailed instructions on how to conduct fun-filled activities and it includes reflective discussion questions so the whole family can reconnect.  And of course, the kids will also spend hours of pretend play inventing their own games.  Their only limit will be their vivid imaginations.  

Connection, communication and collaboration...that's what your family will experience with Toobeez!  Whether young, old or somewhere in between, everyone loves the fun of connecting with Toobeez!  

“I have 4 grandkids that use Toobeez, and they are very interesting to play with.  We feel we got our money’s worth because you can build so many different things.”  Donna V. - Dallas, TX

“Our Daughter just loves to build things.  These are really a lot of fun, and it stimulates her creativity.  I feel it was well worth the investment.”  Gail N. – Orlando, FL

Family Teambuilding, Family Games, Family Interaction

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